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   Guangdong province, China
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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Honesty and integrity: Honesty and integrity win trust for us and is the code of conduct of Huizhong;
Truth-seeking and innovation: We seek innovation and development in a down-to-earth style and by seeking truth from facts.
Enthusiasm and vigor: We give full play to the enthusiasm of our staff and allow our company to flourish through our rapid business growth and professional and systematic management;

Division of work and coordination: We encourage mutual respect and the spirit of division of work and coordination for both internal and external businesses;
Liberality and frankness: We encourage effective communication by calling a spade a spade, speaking frankly and sincerely, treating each other frankly, communicating in a enlightened way, and working in a sincere way;
Quick response: We need to think proactively to foresee the future and respond promptly. Quick response and flexibility are the foundation of our success;

High efficiency and great capacity: Measure our efficiency and capacity through the requirements of our staff and clients;
Superior quality: When evaluated through the standard of the market and people of same industry, both our quality and brand come up to the expectation of our staff and clients;
Management objective: Employees’ satisfaction is the basis of customer satisfaction. Staff are the basis of our company and our company offers all the necessary conditions to give play to the talent of our employees;
Management orientation: effective management and offering service wholeheartedly;
Management style: strict but affectionate, rigorous counts, make the best of employees, and be fair in meting out rewards or punishments;
Management procedure: system-based management, supervision on operation;
Management policy: work hard, pursuit of excellence, build up image and create corporate brand.